11 Interesting Psychology Dissertation Ideas For Children

When you’re writing your psychology dissertation on a topic involving children or childhood development, it may seem that coming up with good idea is the most challenging part of the entire process. This is why it is a good decision to get cheap dissertation writing help and avoid struggles of the writing process. This couldn’t be less true, as there are a number of great topics for you to explore. Here’s a list of 11 to consider using when trying to develop your own:

  1. Media Violence and Childhood Development
  2. How does violence in the media through evening news or the internet affect the way a child perceives society and the world?

  3. Bullying and Long Term Effects
  4. What do studies indicate about the long term effects of bullying on victims and perpetrators? What light can these studies shed about the reasons bullying occurs in the first place?

  5. Prenatal Development and Early Years
  6. How does a healthy prenatal period of development affect the way a child will develop in their first three years of life? What about their first five years?

  7. Early Leadership in the Playground
  8. What are the positives or negatives that come from signs and challenges of early leadership in the social playground settings?

  9. Gender Roles in Early Development
  10. What are the effects of clear gender roles in early development? Are they as pronounced as was once believed or do they have no effect on children?

  11. Language Acquisition and Method Effectiveness
  12. There are many different ways in which children learn how to communicate. Which ways have proven the easiest and most effective?

  13. Learning Disabilities and Long Term Effects
  14. What are the long term effects of early formed learning disabilities? What can this mean for early identification and treatment?

  15. Social Interaction in Developmental Years
  16. How important is social interaction in the early years of a child? And what do we know about certain elements that can be a predictor to mental health in later years?

  17. Aging and Learning in Youth
  18. How do aging patterns in youth affect the way a child learns? Do you think there are parallels with how one ages in later years?

  19. Child Abuse in Young Teens
  20. We all know the long term negative effects of child abuse. Are there certain ages where abuse can have the most damaging effects on a person’s later years?

  21. Comparing Parenting Styles
  22. There are several different parenting styles – including strict and loose – that can have vastly different effects in the way a child learns. Compare different styles and provide evidence why one is more positively effective than another.

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