Structuring And Formatting A Dissertation In A Proper Way

You need to make sure that you dissertation is structured and formatted in a proper way so that you can fulfill your potential. Sometimes, even students with great content are punished due to the fact that their structure and formatting is not up to scratch. Luckily for you, structuring and formatting is nothing difficult –especially for a student undertaking a thesis! It just requires care and awareness.


The structure of a thesis paper, as you know, is quite drastically different than the one used for your essays in class. This reflects the complexity and depth of thesis that many students do not encounter in their undergraduate studies. As such, you should be aware of this structure and know exactly what each section requires:

  • Introduction: Your introduction should include your thesis statement and then provide an overview to your reader on how you will go about proving this statement. Briefly discuss the method you seek to employ.
  • Literature Review: This section is a review of the academic literature that is relevant to your topic. You need to analyze the important pieces that have had a big effect in your field of study.
  • Methodology: This section is about analyzing the methods you will use to gather your research. You need to answer questions such as how you aim to collect data and the downsides of your method.
  • Results: In this section, you need to note down the results that you were able to collect.
  • Discussion: Now, you analyze the results of the previous section in depth.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should discuss to what extent your thesis statement has been proven through your research.

As you can see, this is a drastic difference compared to the writing you will have done in your undergraduate studies.


You should look at your university’s rulebook to see what font and size they want you to write your dissertation in. The writing style of your paper should be formal and you should not make use of any colloquialism. It is good to keep in mind that you aim should be to use concise language that is easy to follow and understand. Do not get bogged down by using complex phrases, as the simpler the better.

As you can see, the structure and format of a dissertation varies significantly from previous papers you may have written. However with this guide, you should be well prepared to deal with this new change.

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