A list of great dissertation topics in psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind. It examines behaviors of people of all ages. Selecting a topic for your dissertation will require thought and imagination of the writer. You need to think about how you are expected to write your dissertation and what topic will help you do so effectively. Selecting a topic will depend on personal interests and information you want the reading audience to know. Think about concepts you have learned and what you want to further explore.

Psychology topics can be tricky since you need to consider sources you will use and how to access them during the writing process. Because many people have little understanding surrounding the study of psychology, you may want to select something that will be informative and useful. The following ideas presented by Mydissertations.com offer possibilities in what your psychology dissertation can be written about.

  • How do children’s emotions connect with music? Why is it best for children to listen to kid-friendly music versus adult content material deemed inappropriate? Why is music soothing to babies and what psychological affects come from it?
  • How do male emotions compare to female emotions? Why do females seem to be more emotional than males? How do hormonal changes affect a person’s mood?
  • How do emotions evolve during childhood? How do traumatic events affect children and leave lasting emotional effects into adulthood?
  • How come some people seem to show no emotion at all? Why do some people show no emotion during or after traumatic events? What is the psychological well-being of someone who is a pathological liar?
  • Does having more money help people be happy longer? Why does money make people feel good?
  • How does abuse affect emotions? What happens when a child is abused (what is experienced from a psychological standpoint)?
  • Does stress contribute to more negative emotions or can it help you be more positive? How is stress supposed to be good for you? What happens in the mind when negative feelings are being experienced? Does this lead to any damage that cannot be repaired?
  • How does lifestyle affect emotional well-being? How does exercise and eating well encourage a positive mindset? How do achieving goals and accomplishments affect the brain?
  • Is memory loss a factor in mental or emotional development as people age? What has to happen in the brain in order for memory loss to occur? What are things people can do to encourage better memory?

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