How To Create A Good Dissertation Title: Solid Advice

Your dissertation title should clearly summarize what the whole doctoral project is about. It should communicate the essence of your paper, including the purpose, context, and key points. It is very important to name your dissertation well. If it isn’t done properly, your reader may misunderstand the true value of your work, and he or she may even refuse to read it completely. To ensure that the reader’s first impression is correct and positive, make use of the following advice and create a good title for your doctoral paper:

  • Come up with several titles that precisely represent your research. Remember that your title should be:

    • Descriptive and explanatory rather than general.
    • It should focus on key points of your paper, like purposes, methods, context, theories, research results, etc.

    • Concise.
    • Try to use as few words as possible when creating the name for your dissertation. Use simple words and common constructions. Don’t use abbreviations, initials, or acronyms. Those can appear in the main body of your work. Be as clear and precise as possible.

    • Consistent.
    • It should reflect what your dissertation is about. Each of its component parts should illustrate the research conducted. Be sure to use key words from your paper as well.

    • Be careful with humorous style.
    • It is not forbidden to use a humorous or teasing style when naming your research project. It is a great tool to intrigue and spark the reader’s interest. However, such style may be rather confusing sometimes. If you are not sure how to add some humor to your title, do not risk it. If you fail to do it effectively, the credibility of your dissertation may be questioned.

  • Use a proper format.
  • Usually, dissertation titles consist of two main sections. The first one is short; it provides general information on your paper and defines your area of interest. The second one is longer; it contains more specific details of your research and focuses on particular aspects of your theme. The sections are separated by a colon. However, you may be assigned to follow different requirements. In such a case, keep to the guidelines of your assignment.

  • Choose the best possible option.
  • Analyze the titles you created. Are they consistent? Are they specific and concise? Do they include all necessary components covering your research? Share your favorite examples with your teacher and classmates and ask for their opinions. Pick the one that suits your dissertation the most. Be sure to format it (namely, grammar and capitalization) according to the assignment guidelines. If you are not sure about your skills, consider getting dissertation formatting help online at a reliable service.

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